Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Press Release: Is txtspk accepted in business with the evolution of language?

Is txtspk accepted in business as language evolves?

At a time when David Cameron has received criticism for misuse of text acronym, LOL, the spotlight has been on the changing face of the English language, given the global impact of SMS.

The SMS format imposes restrictions on content, forcing the user to adapt language and edit to ensure brevity.

This growing culture of abbreviation has been observed by global SMS aggregator, Avetio. The company has witnessed significant use of text speak by businesses when dealing with opt-out requests, using phrases such as ‘2opt out’ or ‘2stop rply’ or even ‘stopavetio’.

This ‘normalisation’ of text as it creeps into daily communications is evident in exam papers, CVs and increasingly apparent in the workplace. The acronym FYI, which was formerly the realm of hacker slang and noticeboards, is now widely accepted in the context of business.

Commenting on the use of text abbreviation, Asha Lad, director of Avetio, said: “The inclusion of acronyms like OMG, LOL and FYI are now recognised in the Oxford English Dictionary, which is an indication of their acceptance in everyday language.

“We’re certainly seeing increasing evidence of text speak in client communications, suggesting a shift in formality in language. It was born out of utility and though it can be criticised as colloquial, it can certainly add context and an indication of tone.”

Where emails can sometimes be misinterpreted, the addition of emoticons or hashtags in social media give an indication of irony or humour, which can soften communications and make them less likely to be misconstrued.

Lad added: “Those who are fully conversant with the internet and social media make up an increasing percentage of the workforce, so there is no surprise that language is evolving as a result. Striking a balance is important so mutual understanding is achieved to bridge the gap between generations. ”

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