Monday, April 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review - Phones 4u

Our friends over at Phones 4U have been taking an in-depth look at the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Enjoy!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Press Release: Krusell's TOP-10 selling phones for March

Krusell's TOP-10 selling phones for March

Krusell International AB - Apr 03, 2013 17:15 CEST
1. (2) Sony Xperia Z 
2. (-) Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4
3. (1) Apple iPhone 5
4. (9) HTC One SV
5. (-) Sony Xperia ZL
6. (7)Samsung Galaxy i9300 SIII 
7. (-) Sony Xperia E / E Dual
8. (3) Apple iPhone 4/4S
9. (4) Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini 
10. (-) Blackberry Z10
() = Last month’s position.
Sony Xperia Z is taking the number one position on the Krusell Top seller list for March, stepping up from second place in February, says Ulf Sandberg Managing Director at Krusell. The interest for Xperia Z has increased week by week, when the device has proven to be a massive seller in retail. The new competitor for Xperia the coming period will be Samsung’s Galaxy S4 which soon will hit stores, Ulf Sandberg ends.
The Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable electronics, Krusell, releases its Top 10-list for April 2013. The list is based on number of pieces custom made mobile- and smartphone cases ordered from Krusell during March 2013. The list of Krusell is unique due to the fact that it reflects the sales of phones in six continents and in more than 70 countries around the globe.

Krusell Group with 200 million SEK in turnover, and more than 500 employees around the globe is a
Swedish lifestyle-house in which several consumer electronic brands reside such as Motörheadphönes, Krusell and the ecofriendly BioSerie. After more than 20 years in the mobile phone industry, Krusell is established as one of the leading brands in its niche. Besides cases for smart phones, Krusell also sell, develop and manufacture laptop-, tablet cases and audio products. Moreover, Krusell is a subcontractor to Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Honda, Toyota and LG

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Press Release: Introducing Home from Facebook

Introducing Home

April 04, 2013
By Tom Alison and Adam Mosseri 

Today we're introducing Home - a new way to turn your Android phone into a great, living, social phone.

We all want to share and connect. That's how we discover new information and build meaningful relationships. But today, phones are built around tasks and apps. To see what's happening with your friends, you pull out your phone and navigate through a series of separate apps.

We asked ourselves ­if sharing and connecting are what matter most, what would your phone be like if it put your friends first?

Our answer is Home. Home isn't a phone or operating system, and it's also more than just an app. Home is a completely new experience that lets you see the world through people, not apps.
Cover Feed

Cover feed
From the moment you wake up your phone you become immersed in cover feed. Cover feed replaces the lock screen and home screen. It's a window into what's happening with your friends - friends finishing a bike race, your family sharing a meal or an article about your favorite sports team. These are the beautiful, immersive experiences that you get through Home.

You might have missed these updates before, but now they're a central part of the Home experience. Since Home is both your lock screen and home screen, the content comes right to you. You can flip through to see more stories, and double tap to like what you see.

Cover feed is for those in-between moments ­like waiting in line at the grocery store or between classes ­when you want to see what's going on in your world.
Chat Head Preview
Chat Head Thread

Chat heads
With chat heads you can keep chatting with friends even when you're using other apps. When friends send you messages, a chat head appears with your friend's face, so you see exactly who you're chatting with. Messages reach you no matter what you're doing - whether you're checking email, browsing the web, or listening to music.

You can move chat heads around and respond to messages. And since SMS is integrated into Facebook Messenger for Android, chat heads include Facebook messages as well as texts.

Cover feed is great for seeing everything going on in the world. But when something happens that's more important and directed at you, like a friend posting on your timeline, you'll receive notifications with their profile pictures.

To open notifications, just tap them. And if you don't want to deal with them right now, you can just swipe to hide them and keep flipping through cover feed until you want them back.

It's as easy to get to your apps in Home as it is on any other phone. Swipe up to see your favorite apps in the launcher. There's also a screen containing all of your apps, and you can drag your favorite apps to the launcher.

How To Get Home
Home will be available as a free download from the Google Play Store starting April 12. Home works on the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung GALAXY S III and Samsung GALAXY Note II. Home will also work on the forthcoming HTC One and Samsung GALAXY S4, and on more devices in the coming months.

Home will also be available pre-installed on phones through the Facebook Home Program. HTC and AT&T are the first companies working together to deliver a phone with Home. It’s called the HTC First and it will go on sale on April 12.

We designed Home to be the next version of Facebook. But we also wanted to do something more. We wanted to reimagine the way we all use computing devices to make us more connected and bring us closer to the people we care about.

Download Home ­and put your friends front and center on your phone.


What is Home?
Home is a whole new experience for your phone. It’s software that turns your Android phone into a great, living, social phone.

How can I get Home?
You can download Home for free from the Play Store starting April 12, or purchase a phone with Home pre-installed. The first phone to come with Home is the HTC First, which goes on sale in the U.S. on April 12. 

Where is Home available?
Home will initially be available for download in the U.S. on April 12, and will be available in other countries shortly after that.

What Android phones does Home work on?
Home is available on:
HTC First
HTC One (Future)
HTC One X+
Samsung GALAXY S4 (Future)
Samsung GALAXY Note II

How can I buy a phone with Home on it?
AT&T will offer the HTC First for sale on April 12.

Is Facebook building a phone?
No. Facebook Home is a software experience designed to run on Android devices.

Is Facebook home an operating system?
No. Facebook Home is a family of apps. You install them and they become the home of your phone.