Thursday, May 2, 2013

Press Release: Krusell - TOP-10 selling phones for April 2013

PRESS RELEASE – Krusell - TOP-10 selling phones for April 2013.

May 02, 2013 16:20 BST
1. (1) Sony Xperia Z 
2. (2) Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4
3. (3) Apple iPhone 5
4. (-) HTC ONE
5. (8) Apple iPhone 4 
6. (5) Sony Xperia ZL
7. (9) Samsung Galaxy i9300 SIII Mini
8. (6) Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III 
9. (4) HTC One Sv
10. (-) Sony Xperia V

() = Last month’s position.
The interest for Xperia Z is still strong which shows its top position for the second consecutive month of Krusell’ s top seller list says Ulf Sandberg. Yet a new competitor for Xperia is right around the corner, the Samsung’s Galaxy S4 which recently hit stores and is predicted to be a best-seller. Thus, with these kinds of players it is no question that Apple will struggle in the future race of the consumer, he ends.
The Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable electronics, Krusell, releases its Top 10-list for April 2013. The list is based on number of pieces custom made mobile- and smartphone cases ordered from Krusell during April 2013. The list of Krusell is unique due to the fact that it reflects the sales of phones in six continents and in more than 70 countries around the globe.

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